Friday, February 3, 2012

How do i copy and paste from google?

how can i copy and paste off google street view or google earth it doesnt show the copy and paste when i right click.How do i copy and paste from google?
either press print in the top right hand corner, or if you're not wanting to actually to print it on a piece of paper, use the print screen button on your keyboard and then open paint and click edit %26gt; copy.
for interactive functions like maps in google, i would suggest taking a screen shot (print scrn), then paste it into paint then crop it to what you want it to be.How do i copy and paste from google?
On your keyboard, look for the "prtscn" (Print Screen) button.

鈻?Use the prtscn button to do a screen capture.

鈻?After that, open MS Paint, or any other image editing software %26gt; Hold Ctrl and press V (Ctrl + V) to paste.How do i copy and paste from google?
You have to e mail it , Look at the top of google earth click on E mail i con if you have a G mail account or Window mail you can e mail it these two ways
the print screen button and then paste it into ms paint and save it as a jpg
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